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Tristram Rose is an immortal tailor whose knack for repairs extends from clothing to people. Born with healing hands, he shifts from town to town every decade or so, concealing his powers from the world to avoid trouble.

Until now. After saving the life of his lover, Alasdair, the pair find themselves at odds. Alas didn't want to survive. Witchcraft isn't illegal, but their relationship is -- and if taking Tris to the law is what it takes to get rid of him, so be it.

By noose or by carriage, Tris is leaving Inverness. The latter option takes money. Money takes work. Work takes the form of a mysterious Englishwoman, offering an exorbitant amount in return for an elaborate costume and a chance to share a story.

Which will end first -- Tris' commission, the woman's tale, or Alas' patience?


Inverness Nights is a supernatural-historical visual novel set in 18th century Scotland, with three routes and six endings. The demo includes the first 13,000 words of the game and takes roughly an hour to play.

The demo contains gore (text-only), abuse, sexual references, and references to suicide. Recommended for ages 16+.

Some sound and GUI elements are incomplete.


Director/Writer - @kitsubasa

Sprites/CGs - @leedalangin

Additional CGs - @EmptyFeet

GUI - @MysteryCorgi

Music - Sebastien Skaf

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Published306 days ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Tagshistorical, LGBT, supernatural, Visual Novel


Inverness Nights-1.0-all.zip (105 MB)


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I love this VN so much! Distinctive art style, unusual setting, and literary prose. Can't wait to see the full version.

Just taking a look at it from the perspective of an impatient non-IF player :)