3rd Anniversary Retrospective

Happy 3rd anniversary to Inverness Nights!

In honour of the occasion I've written a big retrospective over on Medium, which explores the topic of making games about queer pain and the difficulty of discussing them in the community. It's a pretty vulnerable piece but I think it explains the intent of the game pretty well and writing it helped me get a lot off my chest, so I hope that it resonates with people.

While I'm here: since some people have pointed out that it's hard to find, if you enjoyed Inverness Nights and would like to try more of my work I wrote another game, Catacomb Prince, which is available for free elsewhere on the site. It's a Gothic comedy about being a skeleton! Can you make the best of being resurrected and find both a date, and your killer? Or are you extremely... boned? You decide!

Also, now all that looking-back stuff is done: long-term collaborator Penta and I are working on a new game at the moment which we'll hopefully make a formal announcement about in the next few months. Like Inverness Nights it's a dark historical M/M game, but it's set a bit more recently (in the last 150 years) it retells a classic novel (ooo) and it's a conventional dating sim with multiple romance options (good guy, bad guy, sad guy). Wow, what could it be? It's not too hard to infer if you look around a bit but I'm maintaining plausible deniability until the title's officially announced so. Shh.

Stay tuned for more info on that in the near future, and if you're not following me on twitter, do that to potentially see some iffy, placeholder-y sneak peeks!

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